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What is Economy Enamel

A. Stamped Copper / Iron: 
uses paints pigment similar to those applied on car. Its cost is generally lower than hard or imitation enamel. It takes only about 100°C degree to dry the paints for 4 to 5 minutes at an oven. The unique raised rims that render metallic feeling are beloved by most buyers. Designs that need a thin border or outline are perfect to apply soft enamel

Features: are shiny but vulnerable to scratch and high temperature. Hence, an extra layer of epoxy (a doom of transparent plastic) is often applied to protect the pins from scratching. The paint is thinner than Hard/Imitation Enamel and lower than the raised metal rim. Color chart is available by Pantone number (PMS). 
Matching Metal: Copper(1.2mm+), Brass(1.2mm+), Iron(1.0mm+),Zinc alloy(1.2mm) 

Production Process: 
Customer Artwork  Develop negative film Etching metal Plate  Carving die/mold  Stamping design on metal  Cutting out Design  Soldering attachment  Cleaning  Polishing Plating  Coloring  Baking  Filling Epoxy (optional)  Packaging 

Similar to Imitation Enamel above but: 
- Plating proceeds before Coloring to speed up process 
- Fabric wheel is used in Polishing 
- Epoxy may be added depends on order requirement