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What is Printing

Printing pins
Epoxy must applied to these products to protect the underneath printed colors and rendered glossy effect. 

a. Offset – each color is mixed by different percentage of 4 colors CMYK. Color resolution is about 200dpi. The color is also named as Process color. Every etched plate with designs must go through each of the 4 tinted rollers on printing machine to produce the final artwork. Not every color has its process equivalent e.g. metallic colors. That's why spot color is added sometimes. Glittering colors is also applicable. Good for artwork with many and gradation colors. 
b. Silkscreen – each color is premixed by paint manufacturer, namely Spot color. Up to 280~300dpi resolution. Good for artwork requiring precise, simple and high resolution of color e.g. logo. PMS color chart applicable. 
c. Pad Print – imitation enamel color pigments are used. Around 175dpi. A thick metal die is required for sustaining the rubber pad pressure. Good for pins with 3-dimension (thick relief/recess) but not complicated designs. Products are colored piece by piece versus batch processing of an array of pieces on one plate via Offset & silkscreen. PMS color chart applicable. 

Matching Metal: Brass(0.8mm+), Aluminum(0.8mm+), Stainless Steel(0.8mm+) 

production processes: 
artwork → color separation → films → screens (silk-screen printing) or PS board (offset printing) → printing → die cut → soldering nail → with/ without electroplating → covering epoxy → attaching butterfly clutch