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Soft Enamel was invented in 1985. It is to meet the overwhelming demand for hard enamel. The synthetic pigments give the gorgeous appearance very close to Hard enamel but more shiny. The distinct advantage is able to match Pantone color. 

Features : Resembling 90% to Hard enamel, non-resistant to scratch nor heat over 212F(100°C). More shiny, colorful and surface smoother than Hard Enamel. A distinct feature is the enamel layer is as high as the metal rims Color chart is available by Pantone number (PMS). 

Matching Metal: Copper, Brass Or Zinc alloy

Production Process: 
Customer Artwork  Develop negative film  Etching metal Plate  Carving die/mold  Stamping design on metal  Cutting out Design  Soldering attachment  Cleaning by acidic chemical  Coloring  Baking  Grinding spilled enamel  Polishing 2nd cleaning by ultrasonic water  Plating  Packaging 

Similar to Hard Enamel above but: 
- Soldering Attachment process moved forward to follow Cutting out Design because the attachment only need to sustain about 212F(100°C). With attachment, it is easier to handle subsequent Cleaning/Coloring/Grinding processes. 
- Burrstone is replaced by spongy wheel in Grinding because Imitation Enamel is comparatively softer.